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27. Mai 2019

Diversity Day - we live diversity!

At Daimler Financial Services and Mercedes-Benz Bank, diversity is not just a buzzword, it is also a way of life. Our open-minded attitude towards gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and disability encourages us to think outside the box, and that is also the foundation of our success. On Diversity Day, Thomas Weltrowski, initiator of the Diversity & Inclusion working group at Daimler Financial Services in Europe, explains why the topic is so important.

Mitarbeiter berichten von ihren Erfahrungen im Umgang mit Vielfalt im Arbeitsalltag bei Daimler Financial Services.

Mercedes-Benz Bank and Daimler Financial Services live diversity.

Mercedes-Benz Bank and Daimler Financial Services attaches great importance to diversity and inclusion.

Mr. Weltrowski, you are the initiator of the Diversity & Inclusion working group at Daimler Financial Services in Europe. What exactly is happening there?

"The working group consists of committed colleagues from all over Europe. Each country is represented by a D&I ambassador. In this way, we ensure that we fulfill this important topic in every company and in every culture. By the way, it is a great pleasure for me to lead this group. Our colleagues have committed themselves to make our company not only more diverse, but also more inclusive. They always pay attention to this topic and take part in various activities to encourage all their colleagues and our management to think and discuss.”

What have Diversity & Inclusion to do with a financial services provider?

"My opinion is that diversity and inclusion are very important topics - even outside the business world. But two aspects are particularly important to me in the company. On the one hand, every colleague should be happy to come to the office without having to leave his or her "personality" at the entrance. We want employees who can be the way they are. It is precisely the different personalities, opinions, tastes, preferences and, above all, diverse ideas that make us really strong and innovative.”


How do we live diversity? Listen to our employees:

Employees talk about how they deal with diversity in their everyday work at Mercedes-Benz Bank and Daimler Financial Services.

How is diversity lived in the company?

"Since the founding of our working group in 2012, we have been working on sensitizing our company in various areas. This resulted in a Europe-wide strategy for Diversity & Inclusion. In the meantime, we have succeeded in integrating this issue into our daily work. These are the little things, such as showing interest in our colleagues, approaching each other openly and accepting differences. Summarized this has a positive influence on the entire corporate culture. In addition, we quickly realized that the "One fits all-approach” certainly does not apply to our European countries. We have already supported six employee-organized conferences for our European colleagues. There is also a lot going on in the individual countries, such as lectures or charity campaigns. We are also celebrating the Diversity Day with 6,500 employees throughout the company and Europe." Daimler Financial Services employs people from 104 nations. More than half of them are women. 

How do ethnic differences or a higher percentage of women in the management level influence the company?

"Various studies have clearly shown that a diverse and inclusive company achieves better results than companies that lag behind on this topic. Additionally our customers are diverse and have different desires and preferences. We have to fulfill these. Above all, we want our employees to be able to work here with satisfaction. I believe that role models can motivate: For example, when young aspiring colleagues see women in management positions and stand behind this role model. This also shows that female employees in our company are supported regrdless of their gender, origin and religious or sexual orientation. For us, this is not only a board decision, but also a matter of our living culture."

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