21. August 2019

Handicap - so what?!

Cynthia has a physical handicap, but she goes her way. The 24-year-old is doing a tailor-made apprenticeship as administrative assistant at the Mercedes-Benz Bank Service Center in Saarbrücken. She is a good example that diversity is more than just a buzzword at Mercedes-Benz Bank.

Cynthia is handicapped, but she is doing an apprenticeship at Mercedes-Benz Bank.

Cynthia's start into life was anything but easy. She was born three months premature, the side effect was a weakness in arithmetic. And she also needs a walking aid due to a tetraparesis. But she did not accept her fate. Today, the 24-year-old is doing an apprenticeship as administrative assistant at the Mercedes-Benz Bank Service Center Saarbrücken. "Next year I will finish the apprenticeship and I hope I can stay here!", she says.

Mercedes-Benz Bank has developed a special training profile for her. This shows how important this topic is for the bank. Various initiatives have been launched. As part of a volunteer day our employees redesigned the outdoor area of a residential complex for people with disabilities in Stuttgart. Together with our partners Theaterhaus Stuttgart and Eric Gauthier we have also launched an inclusive dance project.

Get some insights into her life:

Why are we doing this? On the one hand we want to give something back to the society. Benedikt Schell, Chairman of Mercedes-Benz Bank, explains the second reason as follows: "Our open minded attitude towards gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and disability makes us think outside the box. And this is the foundation of our success."

The chances of Cynthia to be hired after finishing her apprenticeship are good. "I am very happy that despite my handicap I can do an apprenticeship at Mercedes-Benz Bank. And I feel comfortable here, the job is great and my colleagues are very nice”, she says. With her success story Cynthia wants to encourage young people with disabilities. Her message is: “Handicap – so what?!”

How do we live diversity? Listen to our employees!

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