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February 14, 2020

A star is born?

Daimler is looking for the superstar - well, not really. We found him anyway: Julian Wurster. During the day he is a working student at the Mercedes-Benz Bank. After work he is a musician and writes his own songs. Are we witnessing a star being born?

Julian Wurster alias Leon: During the day he is a working student at the Mercedes-Benz Bank. After work he is a musician and writes his own songs.

Even after the end of their work day, some DMO employees are still far from being finished. They become ambitious athletes, Iron-Man conquerors, miniature golf heroes or talented musicians. Or they dedicate themselves to a good cause. In our “This is us” series we want to introduce colleagues from all over Europe that are special in their own way. One such colleague is Julian Wurster, also known as Julian Leon, as he calls himself as an artist. Julian is a working student in customer marketing, but he is also a passionate singer-songwriter. The first music video has already been released. Is the great music career now to follow? An interview.

If you google "Julian Leon", you will not only find the American baseball star of the same name, but also you and your new music video called "Classic". A song you released on Youtube in October. Can you already buy or stream the song?
So far you only find the title on Youtube, Soundcloud and Deezer. But in two weeks you will be able to download it on iTunes and Spotify and in about three months I'm planning to release an EP.

"Classic" is the first music video of you on the net. Also your first song?
No, it's not my first song. I must have written 30 songs by now. Only six of them are online. I am doing it all by myself and I believe, you recognize that when hearing my first songs. Hopefully not anymore. My newest song is called Blink of the Eye and is already online as a live version on YouTube and as a studio version on Soundcloud. With Classic I released my first music video in October.

As an artist you call yourself Julian Leon instead of Julian Wurster. Why?
Well, let's just say "Wurster" wasn't exactly number one on my list of favourite stage names. So I needed an alternative. I also considered my middle name Victor, but I was looking for something that sounds cool in German and English. And thus the choice fell on Leon. Leon because I had long hair at that time. A lion's mane, so to speak.

Have you made money with your music yet?
Well, a little bit... singing at weddings. Or with some songs I sold to artists from London. But they are rather unknown.

Has music always been your passion?
Music has been a part of my life since childhood. When I was two years old, I was already co-conducting the New Year's concert in front of the television. As soon as I could sit, I played the piano with my grandmother. At the age of five I started playing classical guitar. At some point I got a microphone for Christmas. First I thought: What a stupid present. Totally uncool. So at the age of 16 I dared to tell my friends for the first time that I like music. Shortly afterwards I sang a solo at a school concert. That's how it started. During my semester abroad I later went to London and studied pop singing. Back in Stuttgart I continued with singing. Today I think the microphone was the best Christmas present I ever got.

Have you ever thought about taking part in a talent show like "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" or "The Voice of Germany"?
No, that was never an option for me. It is not my style. But sure, it could work. Max Giesinger became famous through the Voice of Germany. He also went to my school. Today he writes hits like "One in 80 Million".

It's not all about making money: But Julian would appreciate, if people send his songs to friends and acquaintances or share them in social media.

Julian, besides being a musician you are a working student in the field of customer marketing. What do you do exactly?
It varies widely. Sometimes I prepare workshops, such as for the Mercedes Credit Card, sometimes I prepare presentation documents for briefings or internal presentations. Most of the time is spent on project management and organizational matters.

Currently you are studying Crossmedia Publishing in your last master semester. And then?
At the moment I am looking for a permanent position starting end of February. Something editorial in the music or sports business would be nice. If necessary, a position in marketing or sales. We'll see. Music is my passion, but at the same time it's important for me to gain professional experience. Success in the music business is hard to plan and it takes a lot of luck. And even if I am successful with music: there's a good chance it'll vanish. And what do I do with an empty resume then?

So, no career as a superstar?
For now it’s a normal office I seek. I could imagine to swap the keyboard for the music studio someday. But until then I want to build up a certain level of familiarity. Not to be in the spotlight as a singer, but to become known as a songwriter. To write songs for other artists or film music at some point - that would be my dream! Until then, I write Songs in my spare time, release an album and see what happens. As soon as I notice that my reach is increasing, I could also imagine to focus more on it, contact people in the industry and maybe do it full-time at some point. Currently, I want to stay on the safe side until I can really make a living from it.

Have you ever been asked about your music at work?
Not yet. Most people here at Mercedes-Benz Bank don't even know that I play music. Except my team - I showed them my music video the other day and I think they thought it was really cool. Basically, I'm not the type of person who makes a big deal out of it. Privately I'm more likely to be asked about my music. Sometimes I suddenly get a message from former schoolmates in my mailbox that I hadn't heard from in years: "Hey Julian, cool music video." Or my mother sends my songs to the acquaintances. Then there are also reactions.

Have you ever sung to your team before?
No! Utterly embarrassing! On stage I am forced to be extroverted, but off stage I am more of an introverted type.

Do you have another message for the readers? "Buy my song on iTunes" or something?
Oh, I'm not really looking to sell right now. If I sell my songs a hundred times, I only earn about a hundred euros. If at some point I have several songs, that's of course something different. Then you might not like one song, but the other one and so you keep clicking: That's a completely different customer journey and then active selling makes sense. So far  - rather not yet. But it would be nice if people sent my songs to friends and acquaintances or shared them in social media. At the moment I don't have much reach yet. It would be great if that changed. That would be much more valuable for me than the few Euros.

Julian Leon has already published some songs. CLASSIC is his first professionally produced music video.

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