July 30, 2020

Customer story: Transport of hazardous goods becomes “Chefsache”.

Leasing, financing, rental: Daily Business for Mercedes-Benz Bank. But what exactly does such a cooperation between bank and customer look like? What does a leasing contract contain? And how do we contribute to make the transport of hazardous goods on the roads safer?

This is what our CEO Benedikt Schell wants to show with an example. As part of our videoseries "Chefsache", he visited the logistics company Bay Logistik GmbH + Co KG, which is specialized in the transport of chemicals, and was promptly invited to take a spin in the new Mercedes-Benz Actros through the Remstal.

(The pictures were taken in early March before the Corona safety precautions came into effect.)

The logistics company Bay Logistik GmbH + Co KG, which is specialized in the transport of chemicals works with Mercedes-Benz Bank for 35 years. Watch the video for more details.

For 35 years now, the Waiblingen-based logistics company has been relying on the CharterWay ServiceLeasing: "It's almost like a well-functioning marriage," says Michael Schaaf with a smile - he is Managing Director of Bay Logistik. The processes work faster and people trust each other. With these words, he welcomes Benedikt Schell to his company, located in the industrial park in Waiblingen, and invites him to take a spin in his brand-new Actros that he received just last week.

A jaunt together

Here we go! Benedikt Schell gets comfortable in the passenger seat. Michael Schaaf gets behind the wheel – after all, years ago, he used to move the multi-ton colossuses himself across the roads.

What's striking is that the two managing directors get along splendidly. This is how childhood dreams come to life while driving a truck together: always sitting behind the wheel of a big truck and looking out over the road – trucker boys!
In conversation, we learn quite unexpected things. Benedikt Schell himself sat behind the wheel of a truck at the Actros presentation in Sardinia 2009 on a test track - an experience that still makes him smile. The mood on the way through the Rems Valley is good, the longstanding business partners are on the same wavelength.

35 years of cooperation 

And it has been for 35 years. Bay Logistik now transports almost one million tons of goods throughout Europe every year, using 150 trucks bearing the star. The more than 1,000 attached containers hold plastic granules, PVC powder and liquids, which are mainly used for the production of packaging, window frames and solvents.

With these chemical substances on board, it is important that safe transport is guaranteed throughout Europe. Many transports are organized in combined transport. But regardless of whether road or rail: punctuality, as well as hygiene and in many cases dangerous goods compliant freight handling are of crucial importance.

Mercedes-Benz Bank supports safe transport of hazardous goods 

With CharterWay ServiceLeasing, Michael Schaaf gets everything from a single source and he can flexibly replace his trucks every four years. On the one hand, this means that the transport company is environmentally friendly - the vehicles meet the current emission standards - so the fleet is always up to date in terms of drive technology. On the other hand, the trucks are equipped with the latest telematics services and safety systems.

Schaaf emphasises that the drivers who transport hazardous goods every day, feel much safer as a result. The managing director: "The accident rate is reduced to a minimum!" Benedikt Schell confirms this feeling. "As manufacturers and insurers, we know that the systems make a significant contribution to accident prevention, which is why we reward this with discounts on the insurance premium.” 

Schaaf puts the blinker on and asks to consider: "We are just now experiencing what happens when the order situation fluctuates. As a company, you have to be able to react flexibly - and here, CharterWay ServiceLeasing also offers a great deal for more flexibility. Bay Logistik could replace 25 percent of its fleet every year and has further options if the economic downturn is more severe and the need for transport declines. "Then a leasing contract can be put on hold or postponed for six months without the tiresome paperwork," says Schaaf. That keeps the systems lean and transparent.

Benedikt Schell would like to know what happens if the need for transport increases again and the trucks put more kilometres on the odometer? "Then we can make corrections within the contract periods or compensate for the difference in mileage at the end of the contract," explains Schaaf. "Even the return and handling are carried out without any problems, we never experience a bad surprise here!" All this frees up the Bay management to concentrate fully on their complex business.

Wishes for the next 35 years

Finally, there is some homework for our CEO. Michael Schaaf would like to have an online tool that helps to streamline administrative tasks and to bundle individual contracts. In addition: a mileage-based payment of the leasing rate to get a better overall view, like the Dynamic Lease product in the USA.

Important suggestions, which Benedikt Schell likes to take with him to the headquarters on Pragsattel in Stuttgart. After all, there is nothing better than to learn first-hand what the customer wants for the future.

The joint Actros ride ends with a handshake. For another successful 35 years!

The interview was conducted before the corona pandemic occurred in early March.


Benedikt Schell, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Bank, (left) was invited by Michael Schaaf, Managing Director of Bay Logistik, to take a spin in the new Mercedes-Benz Actros.